Permanent Exhibitions | Museum & Art Gallery

Permanent Exhibitions | Museum & Art Gallery

The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory features the regions art, natural history and culture with exhibitions on Aboriginal art and material culture, visual arts, craft, Southeast Asian art and material culture, NT history and maritime archaeology and natural history.

Gallery of Indigenous Art

Aboriginal people comprise one third of the population of the Northern Territory. The Gallery of Indigenous Art introduces visitors to many of the different stylistic traditions of Aboriginal art that exist in the Northern Territory and includes both classic and innovative artworks. A cross section of the permanent collections is presented in the Gallery with paintings, works on paper and three dimensional items.

Cyclone Tracy Exhibition

The greatest natural disaster in Australias history was the destruction of the city of Darwin by Cyclone Tracy on 24 December 1974. What began as a tropical low on 20 December, gradually intensified and on 24 December changed course and headed directly toward Darwin.

Because it was Christmas Eve, many Darwin residents were enjoying the festive season with little regard for the weather. The destructive winds virtually destroyed Darwin and by dawn on Christmas morning most of the population of 48,000 were made homeless by the highest winds ever recorded on the Australian mainland.

The exhibition features documentary footage, examples of Darwins unique architecture, photographs and sound recordings of Cyclone Tracy to capture the impact of Cyclone Tracy on Territorians. The Cyclone Tracy gallery has been upgraded for the 30th anniversary of the Cyclone in 2004 and a booklet, Cylone Tracy, an Unforgettable Christmas, has also been published.


Sweetheart the crocodile is an icon of the Territory. In the 1970s, this formidable predator gained notoriety for attacking several aluminium dinghies at a popular Darwin fishing spot, and on 19 July 1979, was caught in a trap and anaesthetised. Unfortunately in the attempt to haul him ashore, Sweetheart became entangled with a sunken log and drowned.

Southeast Asian Link Gallery

The Southeast Asian Link Gallery presents the art and material culture of Southeast Asia demonstrating the beauty and complexity of cultures from this region. The Gallerys purpose is to increase our understanding and awareness of Australias nearest regional neighbours, with whom Australias past, present and future is inextricably linked.

The displays featuring ancient and contemporary art, craft and artefacts are selected from MAGNTs continually expanding Southeast Asian Art and Material Culture collection. Ancestral carvings from Ata�ro Island, Timor-Leste, intricate beadwork from the Dayak cultures of Sarawak and Sabah in East Malaysia and a selection of metallic ceremonial pendants from eastern Indonesia give insights into the depth of these collections. The MAGNT Southeast Asian Art and Material Culture collection is also renowned for its extensive holdings of Southeast Asian textiles and trade ware ceramics, which are displayed in the Link Gallery from time to time.

Colin Jack-Hinton Maritime Gallery

The Colin Jack-Hinton Maritime Gallery is a spectacular collection of watercraft that illustrate the diversity of type and form found in Southeast Asia, and Northern Australia and those that are associated with an individual or group with historical significance to the Northern Territory and surrounding regions.


The changing nature of the Territory exhibition showcases the geological history and climate of northern Australia, which have influenced the evolution and adaptation of the animals and plants that we see in the Northern Territory today. Be transported into a unique and ancient world about diversity and place, and why our fauna is the way it is.

The Ramp

Showcases some of the Northern Territorys spectacular and unique fauna and mineral wealth. Selected for their inherent interest and beauty, the displays include molluscs, insects, reptiles, birds, minerals and gemstones.

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