Museum of Central Australia

Museum of Central Australia

Located at the Araluen Cultural Precinct, the Museum of Central Australia houses an extensive display relating to Central Australia including natural wonders of this arid region, unique fossils of extinct megafauna, minerals and meteorites and desert life forms.

Telling the story of Central Australias unique natural and geological history, the exhibitions follow the evolution of the landscape and the fascinating creatures that inhabited it. From the big bang to the present day, meteorite fragments, fossils and interpretive displays detail the geological history of Central Australia.

A replica of the ancient Alcoota waterhole, a major scientific site in the region, displays some of the surprising megafauna fossils retrieved from the internationally significant Alcoota fossil site, including a giant freshwater crocodile and the largest bird that ever lived.

An outstanding exhibition of Central Australian birds, mammals, reptiles and insects give visitors the opportunity to identify many of the creatures they may see on their travels in the Red Centre.

The Museum of Central Australia houses the Strehlow Research Centre, one of Australias most important collections of film, sound, archival records and museum objects relating to Indigenous ceremonial life. The Strehlow Collection was accumulated by the Lutheran Pastor Carl Strehlow and his son Professor TGH Strehlow over two generations of anthropological research with the Aboriginal people of central Australia. Exhibitions and displays using the collections within the Strehlow Research Centre include both temporary and permanent installations.

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Museum of Central Australia

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